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"Adimpact Penetrates the Clutter and Commands Action"

Increase Your Sales Revenue, e-Zine Subscriptions, Affiliate Commissions, Client Relationships, or any Business Driver!

Oh and did I mention it's easy to use?

Attention is at an all time premium on the Net right now. Yet that's how your sales happen. As attention fades so does your profits.

You always need to take a fresh approach to commanding and controlling the elusive attention. Now it's here.

Adimpact is way to increase any business driver you want. Drive sales, lead conversion, list building, and customer loyalty.

The Rumored 'Death of Pop-Ups' Is Greatly Exaggerated.

Remember Spy vs. Spy from Mad Magazine? Some months the White Spy would win sometimes the Black Spy. It's the same with web marketing technology.

A new method for commanding attention becomes the rage; then a team of non-marketing types go to work trying to block it.

This is the case with pop-ups. Everything from Windows 8 to hundreds of other pop blockers; they're trying to keep people from seeing your sales message.

Adimpact is a new breed that bypasses the normal way pop-ups happen. Can you block Adimpact? While nothing is impossible it's unlikely. With its layer-based technology it's almost impossible to block your sales message now.*


Beautiful Pop Up Images **

Just choose a cool image, type in your text, and press publish. Your website updates automatically with your new attention-getting design.

  • No HTML Experience Needed.
  • No Graphic Design Skills or Expensive Designers Needed.
  • Imaginative, Non-Offensive Designs Get Noticed - Not Ignored
  • Everything's Formatted Automatically. You Can't Screw It Up!

Personal Handwritten Fonts Adds Just the Right Touch.

handwritten fonts

Handwritten magic font shrinks based on message size. Formatting is's automatic. Just type your message and Adimpact will size and layout your text to the chosen image perfectly - every time.

There's no guesswork, no HTML or graphic skills needed, no expensive graphic designers to hire.

Change and update on the fly, too!

Get Started Now!


"Adimpact popups are the best, non-intrusive use of popup technology I've seen on the web."

Hi Michelle,

I'm already getting a 12.4% click-thru on my pop-up coupon, and converting the visitors into buyers.

Great job! I'll be recommending this innovative new tool to my 150k subscribers!".

To your success,
Jim Daniels



Use Adimpact for...

  • Up Selling: "Do you want cheese with that?"
  • Cross Selling: "It works even better when you have this, too!"
  • Mystery Gift/Treasure Hunt: Drive traffic deep into your site calling attention to your new pages.

Up Selling  ●  Cross Selling  ●  Treasure Hunt

  • Announcements: Get the word out quickly and easily.
  • Customer Appreciation Letter: Customer Appreciation Letter: Build strong, long-lasting customer relationships.
  • Reminders: "Don't for get the webinar this afternoon, at 2:00 PM EST!"
  • Notices: Notices: "We will no longer accept credit card transactions from (fill in country here)."
  • Contest Announcements
  • What's New Announcements

Announcements  ●  Customer Letter  ●  Reminders  ●  Notices  ●  What's New

  • e-Zine Subscriptions: Fresh approach to increasing subscription more blind spots for subscribers to ignore.
  • Co-Registrations: Now have control and boost rates for you and your co-registration partners.
  • Traffic Diversion: Old domain but still getting traffic? Divert traffic to your new project: "We have moved here!"
  • Postcards: "Having a wonderful time at the seminar. I'll fill you in when I get back."

e-Zines  ●  Co-Regs  ●  Traffic Diversion  ●  Postcards

  • Affiliate Promotions
  • Tip of the Day/Week/Month
  • Highlight Primary Benefit of Your Product: "All our software is guaranteed rustproof!"
  • Display an Important Testimonial

Affiliate Promotions  ●  Tip of the Day  ●  Product Benefit  ●  Testimonials

For Those of You Worried About the
Bad Press from Using Pop- Ups. Rest Easy...

...Most of the Hubbub Is Over 3rd Party Pop-Ups
Rather Than In-House Pop-Ups.

Tested, verified, in-the-field research shows customers appreciate notices of your current offerings. You provide a valuable service to them when you notify them about sales, current promotions, and anything that's new.

I don't know about you, but if someone has 100 gig hardrives on sale for $30 bucks - I want to know about it!

The distaste for pop-ups started when pop-up networks came on the scene. These pop-up messages would divert customers away from your site to a site they had no aim of visiting. It was a nuisance for them and led to a backlash the utility vendors saw as an opportunity to increase their revenue with 'pop-up blocker' software sales.

Most technology is neutral. It's all in how you use it. You can either annoy or inform - the choice is now in your control.

"Pop-ups are one of the Web's most hated ad formats, but they actually help shopping gateway Ebates convert between 20 percent and 40 percent of first-time visitors into signing up for regular email newsletters and targeted mailings.

...Pop-blockers now stop up to 20% of your house pops from being viewed...

...though most visitors, when asked, don't mind house pops the way they loathe third-party've got to make your house pops work harder to gather house list names for you."

SOURCE: MarketingSherpa


It's simple. Pop ups work! (Some webmasters report up to a 30% increase in revenue.) Just use them right.

Adimpact Is Easy-To-Use!

Copy and paste one simple line of text into the page you want your pop-up displayed on...and you're ready for your message.

(Less than 1-minute of labor...if you don't know how to do this
Freelancer, eLance, or your webmaster can help. You need to do this just once.)

Then you control everything about your pop-up message through Adimpact's simple web control panel. Change your image, your message, even turn it off anytime you want.

It's Like Getting 10 Accounts
for the Price of One!

You get 10 separate pop-ups and messages to publish from just once account. You could use one for your e-zine subscriptions. Maybe one for a tip-of- the-day; and one for doing up selling. It's up to you, use them any way you want. Publish them on as many webpages and domains as you want. (One user has pop-ups on over 20,000 pages!)

Choose any of the image-pop graphics for your pop-ups, you can use a different graphic for each pop-up. (There's more sharp image-pops on the way!)

The really neat part is that you can change the message on all your pop-ups from one admin section. This means you can have the same pop-up on 100 webpages and the message will change with just a button click. This saves you all kinds of time - hours and hours of tedious labor.

You have control over how Adimpact performs...

New! Positioning:
Now you can position the pop-up anywhere on your webpage. Choose the pixel coordinates for just the right look and location. Use this with the sizing feature and you have complete control over how your pop-up looks.

Once Per Session:
This allows you to have the pop-up show only once per visitor session. This means no more annoying repetitive launching of the pop-up each time a visitor hits the same page.

Complete statistics for each campaign. View impressions, clicks, status, emails collected, and more!

New Window:
Now have the link embedded in your pop-up open in a new window. This will keep your home page within view at all times. No need to worry about distracting visitors away from your main sales message.

Pop-up Width:
Control the size of the pop-up image for just the right look. Have control over the look of your message and the proper sizing for your site.

Chaser Window:
This function allows the note to slowly glide down your web page as the user scrolls. It is a great way to keep your message in front of your audience.

Be Among the First to Harness This New Technology
Capture Maximum Attention...Watch Your Sales and
Conversion Rates Improve Like Never Before

Try Adimpact Right Now...You Can Be
Up and Running In Less Than 1-Minute

  • You'll marvel at its simplicity and ease-of-use.
  • You'll dazzle at the sharp graphics and the clean look it'll add to your site.
  • You'll increase any business driver by getting past the 'pop-up blockers'.


Only $9.95/mo. for a HUGE amount of attention!

Join the other 3,800+ website owners who already have.

Order our pop up marketing tool


* Blocking can occur if user has their Internet Explorer security settings on the highest level. Although most websites would fail to function properly at this level. ** Some images are only available with an upgraded package.

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